Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculation, Mitigation, Audit and Reporting Training – 10 Peserta


  • Kelas Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculation, Mitigation, Audit and Reporting Training Offline Face to Face
  • Paket kelas 10 peserta
  • Jadwal akan ditentukan kemudian
  • Harga merupakan diskon paket yang tidak dapat dirubah


Due to Presidential Regulation No. 98 of 2021 and Law No. 16 of 2016, companies in Indonesia are increasingly aware of the importance of various reports related to environmental performance. One of the environmental performances that is an important concern of stakeholders is related to the significant contribution of company activities from various industrial sectors in emitting Greenhouse Gases (GHG), as a cause of climate change in the world.

So the GHG or Carbon Inventory & Mitigation Report to meet customer requirements, government regulations or voluntary schemes for Carbon Trading (which refers to the GHG Protocol) should be an important concern of these companies.
For this reason, the ability to identify GHG sources and how to make and report on GHG emission calculations are today essential competencies to support change requirements and to respond to stakeholder concerns regarding company transparency in reporting related to GHG emissions and mitigation efforts.

This two day training will focus on skills with a workshop method to identify GHG sources, prepared GHG calculations, determine mitigation, assess GHG audit processes and learn to prepare reports that can meet stakeholder expectations.


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