Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculation, Mitigation, Audit and Reporting Training

SoPro bersama dengan NCCR dan ICSP, menyediakan Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculation, Mitigation, Audit and Reporting Training. Program ini adalah program yang baru dibentuk dan menjadi pelopor green leadership program.

GHG Protocol from WBSCD, GHG Compendium from API, GHG Guidence from Ministry Environment and Forestry Republic of Indonesia , ICMM (International Council of Mining and Metals), IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and ISO 14064.

Program Details

This two day training will focus on skills with a workshop method to identify GHG sources, prepared GHG calculations, determine mitigation, assess GHG audit processes and learn to prepare reports that can meet stakeholder expectations.

Program Syllabus

  • Identify sources and determine GHG emission boundaries.
  • Calculation, mitigation, and reporting methods.
  • GHG/Carbon Audit Method
  • Workshop on GHG calculation and reporting.
  • GHG mitigation and audit workshop.
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